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City Challenge Amsterdam is modern scavenger hunt with interactive challenges that combine the real- and virtual world.
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With this innovative city game you can choose which route to play, how long you want to play and how many breaks you take. Don’t rush because the iPad(s) are available to you the whole day. Feel free to stop for a snack or drinks in between challenges.
  • 2h
    4 challenges
  • 3h
    5 challenges
  • 5h
    7 challenges

Play Challenges

Use techniques like GPS, object recognition, VR and AR

The aim of the game is to become the hero of Amsterdam. You need to complete challenges that are a threat to the city, its inhabitants or visitors. Are you ready?

Lost in 360
Find a lost tourist with VR video's, his friends are waiting and he is about to mis his flight.
High stakes board-game
You’re caught up in a high stakes scrabble game with some very high rollers.
Mystery Murder
Solve a cold case mystery murder by collecting clues that are left by old witnesses.
Stash houses
An Amsterdam drug cartel runner got caught, use his photos to find their stash houses.
Bomb Threat
A bomb is threatening a cultural hot spot, use your AR scanner to disarm the correct wires.
Love Story
Reunite a lost romance by remembering the details of their first date.
Train Collision
The train-station has been hacked, reload the system by cracking a hidden code.
Update Challenges
The challenges are often changed to keep them up to date.
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Interactive city game

City Challenge Amsterdam is an interactive real-world game that enables players to explore the city in a new way. It transforms its layout into a playground, with exciting challenges on hot spot locations like; Dam square, Rembrandt square, Museum square and the Vondelpark. The game is played on an iPad, but within challenges you need to make use of real city features (statues, street signs, buildings, etc). It’s an adventurous activity that is played in teams of 2-4 players, and if you are with more than 4 players you can compete against each other through our City Challenge Ranking. 


Innovative Scavanger Hunt

The game is an innovative scavenger hunt through the city center of Amsterdam. With the use of techniques like object recognition, 360 degrees video’s, augmented reality and gps, the game combines the real- and virtual world. It’s not a scavenger hunt like you used to with a treasure map and some riddles. It’s an iPad guided adventure that brings you to locations where you need to eliminate threats of a stray killer, a dangerous bomb and trains that that are about to go into a collision. Is your team ready to become the new heroes of Amsterdam?

€ 19,- per player

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