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With the City Challenge mobile app you transform the city into your playground. Add a digital layer to your world with augmented & virtual reality and compete with or against each other.

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City Challenge is a combination of an interactive treasure hunts and a guided city tour. You will discover the city’s history and solve interesting challenges and puzzles, which will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Explore, learn and experience

Explore, learn and experience

Explore the city's most beautiful locations, learn the history of well-known sights and discover often-overlooked hidden gems.

Solve riddles, complete puzzles and make the city come alive through augmented & virtual reality.

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1. Download the app
2. Purchase a game
3. Go to start location
4. Transform your world

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We are active in these cities with more to come!


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Worth the money! We played against each other, both on our own phone. I think this makes it more fun and creates some friendly competition.

Silver Betrayal in 17th century UtrechtUtrecht

It’s really fun to see the city this way. We have been living here for a while, but by playing tourist in your own city, you discover a lot. We would recommend this tour to others.

A Secret CrusadeUtrecht

Very fun, but difficult to play in the dark. For the rest we def recommend!

Rembrandt's ApprenticeAmsterdam

We enjoyed ourselves! Hopefully there will be more games in the future.

Resistance of The HagueThe Hague

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