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Things are going terribly wrong and it's up to you to save the city. What's going wrong you ask? Well.. have you ever defused a bomb in augmented reality? Solved a murder by playing real-life pacman? Or helped to find a lost tourist in virtual reality? A challenge lasts between 20-30 minutes and you can play a route of approximately 2, 3 or 5 hours (4, 5 or 7 challenges). Get your cape ready and read more about the challenges below.

Lost in 360
Find a lost tourist with VR video's, his friends are waiting and he is about to miss his flight.
High stakes board-game
You’re caught up in a high stakes scrabble game with some very high rollers. Work together to find the right words and defeat the mobster.
Mystery Murder
Solve a cold case murder by playing real-life PacMan.
Stash houses
A runner for the Amsterdam drug cartel got caught, use evidence photos to find their stash houses.
Bomb Threat
A bomb is threatening a cultural hot spot, use your augmented reality scanner to disarm the correct wires.
Love Story
Reunite a lost romance by remembering the details of their first date.
Train Collision
The railroad system has been hacked and 2 trains are about to crash! Reboot the system by cracking a secret code.
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Lost in 360

Dam square

Two friends lost their third travel companion and are about to mis their flight. Luckily he is uploading 360 degrees videos on the go. Find him by connecting the videos to the buildings around the square.

High stakes board-game


You’re caught up in a high stakes scrabble game with a very high roller. You need to create a word with letters hidden in shop names in the busiest shopping street of the Netherlands. Find the correct letters and create the right word on time. But hurry, your life is on stake.

Mystery murder

Rembrandt square

A character of Rembrand’s famous ‘Night Watch’ has committed a murder. It’s up to you to point out the murderer. Collect clues by playing a real-world version of PacMan. Don’t get caught or you’ll lose the hint.

Stash houses


One of the runners of an Amsterdam drug cartel got arrested. The police suspects they found photos of potential stash houses in his possession. You need to connect the photos to the house numbers of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canal houses.

Bomb threat

Museum square

A bomb is threatening Hollands most valuable cultural heritage. You need to find clues hidden in street signs around the square. Use the Augmented Reality scanner, figure out the correct wires to cut and disarm the bomb.

Love story


Your task is to reunite a love couple that got disrupted by an unexpected phone call. Are you able to remember all the details of their first date to reunite this love couple?

Train collision

Central Station

The control panel of the railroad network has been hacked and 2 trains are about to crash. You need to reset the system by entering a code that is hidden in the departure schedules of the Amsterdam central train station. Are you on time to prevent a train collision?

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