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Are you a playful person and a little bit competitive? Then we would love to talk to you!

Our goal is to supply the world with great mobile adventures, but can't do this by ourselves. That's why we're looking for enthusiastic storytellers, quizmasters and suspense creators. No need for any special skills like design, programming or photography, we'll teach you all the basics.

Why become a builder?

Because you love giving people a good time! Oh, and because you create a passive income. 'Passive' you say? After your game is published you'll receive a percentage of every sale! WaWaWeeWa!

How do you become a builder?

Tell us briefly where you're from and why you'd like to create a game. Then one of our senior builders will contact you to show you the ropes.

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Build your own game

Do you know the best spots in your city, or do you travel a lot? Become a game builder and earn money!

Sounds good!

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