City tour Amsterdam

Discover Amsterdam with an interactive city game

Walking tour Amsterdam

Looking for a fun walking tour in Amsterdam and do you like adventure? Forget the boring guided tours with those standard stories and mediocre jokes. Get ready for the Amsterdam city tour that transforms the city into your playground. City Challenge is an interactive city game with challenges on must see locations of the inner city. It’s up to you if you take a 1 day tour with breaks in between challenges, or if you want to play non stop for just a few hours.

Amsterdam tour guide

Amsterdam tour guide

With City Challenge an iPad is your Amsterdam tour guide and it leads you to the city center hot spots. Here you can play innovative challenges that bring the city to life using techniques like gps, object recognition, AR and VR. You need to solve a mystery murder, disarm a dangerous bomb and prevent a train collision to become the new hero of Amsterdam. Do you want to learn more about this interactive Amsterdam city tour game, just click on the learn more button below!

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