The Secret Crusade through Utrecht

Pope Adrianus VI, the only Dutch pope in history, died in 1523 after having reigned for only one year. His death was reported to be the result of a fatal illness.

As his previous advisor, you receive an anonymous letter from someone close to Adrianus. He claims to have good reason to suspect a different cause. Follow a trail through the city of Utrecht, where Adrianus was born, to unravel the truth about the pope's sudden death.

Fun warranty: if you play less than 25% of the game you can get your money back!

€ 14.99 Per game (1-2 persons)
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20 challenges
  • Available in: English, Dutch

  • Play 7 days a week, during daylight

  • No internet connection needed after download

  • Augmented reality 

  • Virtual Reality

Story game

A story game means that you’ll dive into a (partly) fictional story, created to immerse you into a fantasy world with endless possibilities.

Suited for

1-2 players, if your team is larger it's more fun to battle against each other on separate phones.

Starting point

Kromme Nieuwegracht 49

What the players say about A Secret Crusade

Fun game! You see a lot of the city and it's nice to play with friends. Also, you learn something while you're at it.


A super nice way to discover the city and learn new things!


A really nice tour through the inner city. We had a very fun afternoon!

Diana & Derek

Epic experience


A super cool way to rediscover a city we were already familiar with. Truly a recommendation!

Roan & Pamela


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Europalaan 100
3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands

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