De Echte Utrechter Quiz

1h 30min
22 challenges

This challenge is only available in Dutch at the moment.

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€ 4.49 Per game (1-2 persons)
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  • No internet needed while playing

  • Available in Dutch

  • Virtual reality

Trivia Game

A trivia game means that the game is heavy on riddles and multiple choice questions. You'll learn and discovery by finding the right answers on the route.

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What the players say

It’s really fun to see the city this way. We have been living here for a while, but by playing tourist in your own city, you discover a lot. We would recommend this tour to others.


Worth the money! We played against each other, both on our own phone. I think this makes it more fun and creates some friendly competition.


Very fun, but difficult to play in the dark. For the rest we def recommend!


We enjoyed ourselves! Hopefully there will be more games in the future.



They went before you!

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Sounds good!

Europalaan 400
3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands

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