Silver Betrayal in 17th century Utrecht

Dive into a (partly) fictional story of Utrecht in the 17th century. You follow Jan, a hard working family man in a typical day of work in 1622. What starts out as a normal day, soon takes a turn for the worst. Help Jan by finding out what's happening and who's responsible.

On your route you'll get a peek in the history of Utrecht and discover sights and buildings that are either gone or repurposed.

The story starts at the Ledig Erf and finishes in the city centre.

Fun warranty: if you play less than 25% of the game you can get your money back!

€ 14.99 Per game (1-2 persons)
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12 challenges
  • Available in: English, Dutch

  • Play 7 days a week, during daylight

  • No internet connection needed after download

  • Augmented reality 

  • Virtual Reality

Story game

A story game means that you’ll dive into a (partly) fictional story, created to immerse you into a fantasy world with endless possibilities.

Suited for

1-2 players, if your team is larger it's more fun to battle against each other on separate phones.

Starting point

Ledig erf

What the players say

It’s really fun to see the city this way. We have been living here for a while, but with playing tourist in your own city, you discover a lot. We are glad to have helped Jan (game character) out today! We would recommend this tour to others.


It was super fun to play! Especially the 'did you knows' at the courtyard I thought were quite interesting!


Fun, entertaining and educational in a playful way!


It could have been longer. Fun activity though!

Liselotte & Kevin

Great game! Helped us get to know Utrecht better, such a cutie idea!!!



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Sounds good!

Europalaan 100
3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands

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